Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sweet Books for Kids #1

Is Your Mama a Llama?

We love this book. It is so sweet. My youngers have heard it many times, and love to fill in the animal name at the end of each rhyme, with big grins. I love the big grins and we all love the darling illustrations by Steven Kellogg (a favorite!).
A little llama asks several young animal friends, "Is your mama a llama?"
They answer in turn, "No, she is not," and then go on to describe their mamas in ways that show just how not a llama their mama is.
"She has a long neck and white feathers and wings.
I don't think a llama has all of those things."
This book makes a wonderful bedtime read on nights when time is running short but you can't seem to resist the pleas for 'just one story!', it's not long at all, unless your three year old wants to take time to soak in every picture on every page... sometimes we have to just let that happen, right?

Definitely worth the shelf space, all 1/4" of it.

Enjoying them,
because of Him,


Friday, July 3, 2009

Get Off Your...

Parenting takes effort- intentional effort, at least, it does if we want our kids to turn out, how shall I put it, better than average...

I wanted to share this wonderful post I came across today- Such practical wisdom. Seriously, if you find yourself frustrated fairly frequently with your children and life at home with them, read this, then make application. If you do, it will help, I mean it.

Time for me to get up...

Enjoying them,
because of Him,

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