Thursday, February 25, 2010

IPs and Lots of Lists

Whew! There are a good many benefits to being married to an IT guy, like how he took care of the whole domain name buying thing and the setting it all up on the web server and entering all of the ftp path mumbo jumbo so all I have to do is hit "publish post"... Then there are the times that he has to do things like reassign IPs because of some new fiber loop and extras like the blogs go down for a bit and are not the 1st priority to bring back up when there are things like entire racks of servers that form the basis of what we hope to be our livelihood soon... and, well...

I had a couple down days. Well, that's not entirely true. I managed to get quite a bit done (I love Getting Things Done with the Autofocus System! and I need to start another notebook!), but the blog had some down days, which is totally no big deal. That being said, it's nice to back up and running.

The kids have been chomping at the bit and really working hard to get this week's list of schoolwork done so we can go on a play date tomorrow. It's so great to see them diving in and making the effort to earn the privilege. Even relaxed homeschoolers have some requirements, and I'm getting so much better at sticking to actually requiring them... (I used to be SUCH a softie!)

I've got another list to attend to and an audio book to pick out for the drive time tomorrow.

It's supposed to be a few degrees warmer here than it was yesterday, which is great, except for the fact that we're still not supposed to get above freezing, sigh... BUT, the sun is out again, and I just know that spring will eventually come, even to this frozen state. Eventually.

On that note, have an extraordinary Thursday!
eta: I'd love to see another link or two on this Saturday's Junk Out post! I know that there are more of you decluttering out there and that whole strength in numbers thing really is true! If you've got a corner or two (or a whole house like me!) to clean out and declutter, join in and take a pic or two if you're brave enough, and write about your progress, or even about your motivation to declutter, tips, or stories about blessing others with your excess!


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