Monday, November 30, 2009

Multitude Monday 51-100

51. soft blankets
52. flannel sheets in a Minnesota Winter
53. bookshelves
54. our big dining room table
55. quiet nights
56. warm pajamas
57. slippers on little feet
58. a 13 month old little boy who still cuddles with Mommy while drinking his milk
59. 1st haircuts for little girls
60. the pile of laundry waiting to be folded (a sign that we have more than enough clothes)
61. a fairly full freezer
62. a fairly stocked pantry
63. a stack of crock-pot recipes
64. seasonal lists of 30 recipes we like
65. late-night grocery shopping trips by myself
66. children who behave in the grocery store the times we need to go by day
67. big batches of oatmeal w/maple syrup & brown sugar
68. fresh veggies for afternoon snacks
69. big bunches of bananas
70. homemade pizza
71. stock pots of soup
72. big batches of pasta
73. a whole family who loves nachos for snackin' and sometimes for supper
74. hearty whole wheat and oatmeal pancakes for breakfast, and sometimes for supper
75. a big black bench found at a local antique show
76. little bodies to fill up the benches in this house
77. an antique cradle from Nanny to keep the girls' dolls contained
78. dolls to fill it and the girls who play with them
79. a 3 yr old learning to be a big helper and a big sister, caring for her little brother
80. children with memories way better than mine who recite silly movie lines with great comedic timing, cracking me up daily
81. sweet fun from classic toys like Slinkies
82. sisters who make room for each other & squeeze together on the rocking chair
83. popcorn, popped on the stove top
84. the smacking as they lick their fingers after eating the fresh popped buttery popcorn
85. dry erase boards and the blank canvas for impromptu art that they are
86. enthusiastic young artists
87. digital cameras to capture picture after picture of their never ending pictures
88. chubby baby feet
89. a small army of helpers when it's time to pick up
90. a teenager who does the dishes without attitude, seriously, I can't even say enough about how thankful I am for that, and for him
91. counting butterflies in a book with the 3 yr old
92. cinnamon crumb coffee cake
93. a warm cup of coffee after waking from a migraine-induced stupor
94. a more than capable husband who handles it all while I'm in bed with a migraine
95. children who do NOT ask for $100 jeans
96. another lovely Thanksgiving with the in-laws
97. another chance to play their incredible antique baby grand piano
98. safety on the roads, 2 hrs, both directions
99. chicken soup on a cold day
100. eternal promises
May I never neglect to be thankful!
If you've never read Ann Voskamp's inspiring writing, you're missing out. There is beauty, inspiration, and challenge in every one of her posts where she never fails to point the reader in the direction of the Savior. I wish she were my neighbor...



Anonymous holly neaton said...

Thanks for sharing. I think I will start this next the idea. God bless - Holly

November 30, 2009 at 7:56 PM  
Anonymous Brooke said...

I really like this, Alison. My journal is filled with lists like this. :-) Is it an every Monday thing for you?

P.S. I passed your blog addresses onto my mom (avid kintter) and a friend who grew up a block away from Dave (Katie Engstrom - now Kate Chaddic). Hope you don't mind. I thought they would both enjoy them.

December 5, 2009 at 7:51 AM  

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