Monday, December 7, 2009

Brrr... It's Cold Out

Well, it's finally arrived, winter that is. says it's a balmy 10 degrees outside our doors. Most who know me, know that I am a certifiable cold wimp, and one fo those mother's who will send her children off to don another sweater "because I'm cold". And yet, today would be the day that I scheduled the girls' follow-up visit with the pulmonologist down at Children's Respiratory & Critical Care Specialists, that's a mouthful.

The homeschooling life is busy. Life in a big family is busy. Life in a big homeschooling family is always busy and then add in the visits to various doctors for girls with asthma and allergies (and a Mother with allergies and migraines, sigh) and it seems that I am always trying to get back into the swing of things, back to a routine. It seems that way because it is that way. We're used to it, it is what it is, rolling with the punches and all that.

So, anyway, today, with an expected high temp of 21, I'll be wandering te streets of St. Paul with 3 young girls (nope, not taking everyone today, not in this season) and plenty of kleenex. I was hoping for a crystal clear totally healthy not a thing to worry about kind of appointment, but another head cold has hit our house and the snot is flowing freely- we're hoping and praying that the colds do not set off any asthma symptoms, especially not today.

After today's appointments & errands, our week fills up fast with 4H and violin lessons, and a winter storm to boot. Fun, fun. Hopefully, we can find some time for some math, some reading, and maybe a little history and science thrown in, and dishes and laundry, there are always more dishes to be washed and more laundry to be washed, dryed, folded, and put away. Oh, the laundry... Good thing my older children are becoming such capable little people- there is a good chance that all of the laundry will be done by thetime I get home. Put away even. What a blessing.

Time to get the bag ready and make sure to-do lists are up, then it's off to "the big city" for the day. Will try to update tonight or tomorrow. Have a wonderful Monday everyone!
Enjoy your children!


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