Monday, December 14, 2009

Multitude Monday 101-150

101. freshly fallen snow
102. a husband safely arriving at work on a slick-roads kind of day
103. time to make cookies
104. the aroma of cookies baking
105. the taste and feel of a warm freshly-baked cookie
106. eating all of the duds right away
107. another cup of coffee to wash another cookie down
108. little hands reaching for "one more, please?"
109. a clean kitchen after cookie-making
110. time to write out a grocery list
111. a husband who will stop for a few things on the way home
112. the silly songs a 4 yr old sings
113. a danish in the morning
114. a fridge full of honey wheat bagels
115. bags of fresh juicy oranges
116. plump grapefruits as well
117. old cookie press for making the old favorite Spritz
118. an easy frozen food supper now and then
119. sale prices on frozen turkeys
120. $0.99 butter, even if there is a limit of 2
121. remembering to use the cranberries before they go bad
122. late evening urges to bake more
123. cranberry orange bread for tomorrow's breakfast
124. another child mastering counting by tens
125. a child looking up and learning a new word
126. white elephant gifts
127. the wonder and excitement of children cracking codes with their Caesar Cipher Wheel
128. soft 1-ply yarn
129. a scarf growing as I knit
130. time for knitting while sweet breads are baking
131. tiny wire hangers for tiny hand knit sweaters for winter decorations
132. soothing piano playing my favorite hymns
133. a quiet home full of sleeping healthy children
134. 2 months with no asthma episodes
135. flashcards with more first words
136. 3D Paper Snowflakes and children eager to make more
137. big fluffy puffy down-like comforter
138. a wonderful gifted new-to-us coffee maker
139. taste tests with the new machine
140. cheese & crackers, shared with my husband
141. a husband who doesn't mind if the floor didn't get vacuumed today, again...
142. alarm clocks
143. snooze buttons
144. newly turned 3 yr old waking early and coming downstairs quietly to wake up Mommy with her sweet "good morning"smile
145. smelling the fresh orange zest, an hour later, aaahhhh...
146. capturing pictures of baby and Daddy playing with new computer gizmo
147. children excited for home school co-op tomorrow
148. like minded friends
149. being able to stay home when the weather outside is frightful
150. a fire that's so delightful



Blogger Magic Brush said...

Just came over to look around. Saw your comment on McMama's forum about Santa/Jesus bringing the gifts and I COMPLETELY agreed with your comment! Merry Christmas!

December 15, 2009 at 1:55 PM  
Blogger Jeanne said...

Ah yes, give thanks for the little things.

Some of your little things are so special too!

December 15, 2009 at 4:34 PM  

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