Wednesday, December 16, 2009

When 9 Degrees Feels Pretty Good

Yesterday's high was supposed to be 3 degrees. At least they meant 3 degrees above zero, it's rare, but we do get some of those days when the temperature never does make it up to zero... I don't know what it actually got to, but any low single digit is just cold, and today's 9 degrees, that's almost double digits, felt quite comfortable, well, ok, I didn't go for any walks today, but dashing in and out of the grocery store wasn't even painful.
Maybe I'm still numb from yesterday, as we did venture out in the bitter cold and dry air, to make it to our last homeschool co-op day of the year. This was the 1st time our older children, or any of our children for that matter, participated in a white elephant gift exchange. That was interesting. I tried to explain the concept to them, and they just didn't seem to believe me that the ridiculous ruled in this play. They understand now. One lucky child was the recipient of a Belly Button Cleaner (note card with a little ball of fluffy yarn , yeah, nice), and another received a 2-pack of AA batteries ("toy not included" was written in the card). There were bags of toy soldiers, footy pajamas, giant plastic scissors, and who knows what else. Good times. And no, we were not the bringers of the Belly Button Cleaner- just wanted to make that clear.
I've been carrying inhalers and epi-pens (we've never had to use our epi-pens, but we've come close, and after September's episodes, well, I don't want to be caught unprepared), watching and listening to breathing, and while there are some runny noses around here, there has been NO wheezing through this arctic blast- praise the Lord! I even let Dazzle and Sparkler out back with the rest of them this afternoon for some trying out of the thrifted cross-country skis. Yes, they're going downhill, but it's not steep enough to gain any speed, which is a bummer when they're sledding, as it has to be really slippery snow to get zooming on the sleds out back, but it works out nice with newbie skiers. Yes, I know that was a long sentence. Yes, I love long sentences. Yes, I speak like this in real life too. No, I don't start every sentence with yes.
Just think, our children could have been stuck in a classroom, working on some worksheets, practicing walking single-file and waiting in line, and learning that they evolved from primordial ooze. Instead they read some books, played some violins, had some deep discussions, and got out in the sunshine and fresh air, arctic air though it was. We may have some long & hard days on this homeschooling journey, but I wouldn't trade this for the world.
Now, if we could just get some more snow, and a few more degrees to give it some moist stickiness, then we could get our yearly snowmen made, maybe a snow fort or too, and then spring could come, in my opinion. Of course, this is the Frozen Tundra, and it is only the middle of December, and we all know that spring is a long way off...
In the meantime we'll be eating quite a few bowls of chili and plenty of hot cider and cocoa, carefully!


Blogger Holly said...

Looks fun! God bless - Holly

December 17, 2009 at 10:22 PM  
Blogger Life with Kaishon said...

What wonderful pictures. I got so cold as I was reading about your weather. Holy Canolli! I guess I will stop complaining about our 30 degrees in Pennsylvania. I saw your comment beneath mine at MckMama's blog this morning and wanted to come over and say hi : ) I love making new blogging friends!

PS The belly button cleaner is HILARIOUS! Oh my goodness. How creative! It makes me wish I was going to a white elephant gift exchange today...

December 19, 2009 at 11:54 AM  

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