Saturday, January 23, 2010

Junk Out Week 4

(Unloved shoes, now bagged and donated!)
I'm finishing my closet today. Yes, decluttering, cleaning, and organizing my closet did end up being a 4 week process, worked in baby steps, and yes, that's okay. If I get to feeling energetic this afternoon (it could happen...) I may start in the youngest children's closet. There are a few things up there that I know just need to find a new home, a home away from this home- as opposed to a new home within this home.

It's time to stop reorganizing and rearranging the clutter, it's
time to remove the clutter!
Back to my closet, so far I've tossed 2 pairs of my shoes and a pair of baby shoes that were just not in shape to be worn again or passed on. I've bagged 5, make that 6, pairs of my almost never worn shoes and a pair of baby girl shoes that someone will be lucky to snatch up from the thrift store in town. I also pulled yet another skirt that I just never wear. I liked it when I bought it, and I actually still like it, but I never wear it, so out it goes. There is no room for things never used or worn, not in my closet, not in my life.

I've sorted my pajamas and long underwear (this is The Frozen Tundra after all, yes, I do own long underwear and, yes, I have been known to wear them) and may have tossed more old unmentionables than I kept. Seems to me like a good excuse for some new unmentionables.

I also pulled out the pile of old baggy boys' jeans that were being saved to make a scrappy denim quilt. They are about to be cut into squares. Today.

If you've got some junk to Junk Out, and you post about it, the linky stays open all week, so feel free to come on over and link up any time you get a chance. Happy decluttering!



Blogger homeschooling6 said...

I use to have a hard time getting rid of things that were like new but I didn't wear or use. Now I think of it in terms of blessing someone else too.

Looks like your doing pretty good with getting rid of the junk.
We have gotten rid of so much stuff this past year(s). Moving from a large house to a very small apt. house has forced us to get rid of a lot.


January 24, 2010 at 3:55 PM  

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