Friday, January 29, 2010

Junk Out Week 5

This week I needed to tackle my entry, again. I think this area needs to have a quarterly clean-out, if not a monthly one. The up side of having a nice big entry, especially for a large family, is having a nice big space for coats and boots and shoes and stuff. The down side of having a nice big entry is having a nice big space for coats and boots and shoes and stuff. Space in my home is like a vacuum, it sucks in stuff.

We have 2 new puppies, who happen to be growing very quickly. They also happen to still be in training, if you know what I mean. (No, not training to sit still in church...) With puppies and their accidents, I'm taking bleach water to the floor pretty frequently, and it would help if there was not a pile of excess coats or misplaced mittens to work around, or worse, to pick up and run through the washing machine... ick.

I've had a few extraneous things in the entry for a while now, just waiting to be sorted through and tossed or donated, or in the case of the extra curtain rods that have been forgotten in the corner, put with the sewing stuff to be used with the puppet theater, once I pick up some cheap satin and/or velvet remnants at Mill End.
  • The big extra air matress needed putting back in the closet. It was on the floor, where it really didn't belong, for far too long...
  • A couple extra coats needed passing on the the thrift store,
  • same with the unused rain coat.
  • The boots needed organizing
  • and the shoes needed sorting.
  • The extra basket needed a new home under the stairs, for collecting toys waiting to go back upstairs.

And the floor needed to be mopped, again. And naybe again, for good measure.

The entry is the 1st thing people see when they enter our home. I know it should be a priority on the cleaning list and yet it seems so easy for me to let that area become overwhelmed with disorganized clutter. Our extra coat hooks have helped, as there are just too many sweaters, jackets, and coats for our little closet in a family this size. I have yet to find the perfect thing to tackle the shoe situation, but I keep trying! My latest idea is to keep a basket and just let them dig for pairs, as I don't have enough room for enough special shoe racks. I'm not sure how long it will last, bit it's working for now.

What about you? Did you get any Junk Out this week? Remember, the linky is kept open all week, so you can come back and link up any time you get to posting your decluttering progress.


Training Little Ones to Sit Still

The other day, I mentioned training littles to sit still in church. Holly asked, in the comments, if we practice sitting still in church during our weeks. We do, not every day, but as often as I remember to work it into our schedule, we do. Why? In addition to church, having littles who are able to sit still, or at least relatively still, comes in handy in many places, like the dinner table- at home or away, in a waiting room, even the checkout line at the grocery store or Target.

Let me be up front- I am no expert trainer, I'm an ordinary Mom. My children are not expert still-sitters, they're ordinary children, who can wiggle and squirm with the best of them, or maybe the worst of them. I have sought out a lot of advice have been working extra with my two youngest lately and wanted to share some of what I've found to work and perhaps a little insight into why.

A few years back, I read a recommendation about training children to sit still in church. This is just about the Ultimate Sitting Still Challenge, because it's usually a longer amount of time than most dinner situations and children are expected to be much quieter and not doing things like, well, eating. I didn't like the idea of having 2 and 3 yr olds in the nursery week after week when I knew it was not only preferable, but possible, to have them sitting in the service with the family. I read the advice with hopeful and eager anticipation.

The advice I read long ago entailed setting a specified time, like the time your normal church service is at, and lining up the kids on the couch to sit, listening to a recorded sermon or maybe an audio Bible, or even to Mom or Dad reading, rather dryly, from the Bible. Yes, this advice said to read dryly, boring even. The idea was that this was not entertainment time, this was a time to train children to sit still in spite of the fact that they were not being entertained.

We do this, to a degree. Right now I'm working with my 15 month old, just trying to get a good 15 minutes of quiet and sitting still. He's still not convinced it's a good idea, but he is learning that it doesn't matter, it's Mom's idea, and therefore he needs to go along with it.

In our house these days, training to sit still happens on a more ongoing basis than just "couch church" times. Whenever the 1 yr old or the 3 yr old spend any time on my lap there is another opportunity to train, and this is the area I've been focusing more on lately.

It seems whenever I sit down, that one or the other of them wants up. Once up, they tend to wiggle and squirm, reaching for my book or my pen or worse, my coffee. When I make it clear that they are not to touch but they are to sit still, they will almost always decide they'd rather be down, pursuing their own will, out of my reach. This is the moment to train. Once the squirming has begun, the training kicks into high gear.

With the 3 yr old, this is a bit easier. She understands more. I tell her, "Nope, you can't get down. You wanted up, and now you're going to sit nice for Mom until I say you can get down." She may slump back with a sigh, but she stops squirming and knows she needs to wait quietly, usually for 2 or 3 minutes, sometimes longer, at which time I let her down, on my terms. I don't always remember to do this, but as I know that consistency is key when it comes to training, I am trying more and more to remember to work on this and am seeing some real results.

This isn't even really about sitting still, this is about obeying Mom. Realizing this has been the key for me. It's good for a child to learn to sit still, but it's way more important for that child to learn to obey Mom, right away, and all the way.

With the youngest, little Chipper, currently 15 months, things are a little more challenging. Okay, a lot more challenging. This obedience thing is still new to him. When he gets up on my lap, he starts squirming right away. He's quite the active little bugger. He likes to reach for things on my desk, or things on the arm of the couch, or things in my hands, depending on where I'm sitting and what I'm doing. Anything will do, he's a toddler, though the shinier the better. I tell him "No, don't touch". He's heard "No" enough to know that something is going on at that point. He usually pauses a moment, and if he pulls his hand back I will give him an encouraging "Good job, you obeyed Mommy!". If, after pausing, he turns back to what he was reaching for, determined to get his chubby little fingers on it no matter what I may have to say about it, then I will swat his hand, not hard, but firmly enough to let him know that I mean business. Sometimes once does the job, sometimes we go back and forth a few times, and at some point he will try to slither away.

This is where the sitting still training comes back into play. I will hold him in place on my lap. When he arches his back in protest, I will out-muscle him and 'bend' him back into sitting position, while telling him "No, you need to sit still". He'll arch, maybe attempting to kick a bit as well, and I'll hold him up, not letting him get away. This make take a minute, it may take 10, it may even take 20 or 30*. At some point he will give in, he will stop fighting. He usually sits and cries a little bit of a pity-me cry, wallowing a bit in defeat. I will usually pull him a bit closer, giving him a little reassuring cuddle, and tell him "Good job sitting still" (assuming he's actually sitting still in my lap at this point) and attempt to shush the crying. After he's been still for a minute or two (I'll increase the time increments as he gets better at complying), I'll look around for something he might be interested in and may say something like "Are you ready to get down? Should we go build with some blocks?" and I'll set him down and we'll go on with our day, having another training session under our proverbial belts.

Our almost 5 and just turned 7 yr olds were pretty content lap-sitters and I don't remember working quite as hard with those two, or maybe I just look back with my rose-colored glasses and only remember the good times. With the oldest three, I was just learning these very new to me concepts of actually training children to be happy and obedient (yes, obedient children are generally happier children!) and I was just happy that they weren't hitting and kicking each other, or me.

*Please understand that if you get frustrated to the point of anger, it's time for the training to be over, time to switch gears and find something else to do, preferably something enjoyable to play. Yes, in this case, your child will have won that battle, and yes, this means the next battle will be that much harder, but I'd rather see Mommies and children enjoying each other than angry with each other any day. Anger is so destructive in a parent-child relationship, I know, I've been the angry Mom more times than I would ever care to admit. When a child in training decides to make a fight out of it, try to remember not to take it personally- it's not about you. For the child, it's all about me (himself/herself). They want what they want when they want it and they would fight against anyone who stands in their way. When you're the training Mother, that anyone is you. Stay calm, smile if you can, and say "No".

In the past, I started working on training for sitting for longer periods of time, specifically for the purpose of keeping our children with us throughout church services, at about 12 months old. I may be growing soft, in my old age (hehe), as I have been a little slower with the last two. Chipper is 15 months and I am just now really working with him more seriously, and Twinkler, though she has mostly learned to be quiet, still wiggles a bit more (way more!) than I'd like. She's in remedial training these days... The more consistent I can be at home, the sooner these two will gain that self-control that they will need to be the happy and obedient children we know they can be!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Out of the Mouths of 3 Year Olds

A few of the things I never wanted to hear my 3 yr old say-

"Oh, Mom, I'm going to go potty on your lap"
"You smell like tow poop*, Mom"
*said like cow poop...

And the phrase that strikes fear into my squeamish heart-
"Oh, no, Mom, I'm gonna puke!"
Technically, she was still 2 when she told me I smelled like cow poop, excuse me, tow poop. I feel the need to explain to you that for some couple of weeks everything smelled liked cow poop. Well, wait, no it didn't, at least I'm pretty sure I didn't, but our property is surrounded by farmland, and there are certain times when a certain scent is in the air. It comes with the territory.

Okay, the puke announcements aren't really funny at the time, but I always end up laughing about it later... like an hour later, when my husband calls home to see how my day is going, or a day or two later, when I'm sharing the story with a sister or a friend from church. Eventually, even the puke proclamation tales are funny. I think they have to be, I mean it's laugh about them or break down and cry, right? I choose to laugh, it's better for me.

I laughed when Snapper, now 16, said something funny, I even remembered to write a few of them down. I chuckled when Quipper delighted us with amusing quips. Razzle and Dazzle entertained us with humorous little-speak for quite some time. I was pretty sure that Sparkler said the zaniest 3 and 4 yr old things ever in the history of funny kids. When Twinkler beamed "I like this tow poop cake!", I knew we were in for another couple years of entertainment.

With little Mr. Chipper only a sweet 15 months old, I'm sure we have plenty sillyness to look forward to, and that delights this Mother's heart.

Enjoy your children! Smile and laugh at the sillyness and remember those times when you feel lost in the serious.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I May Be a Cold Wimp...

It was 9:30 am, 45 minutes before we needed to leave for the day. It was 3 degrees outside, though according to, it felt like -9, great.

The previous nights' fire had not been rekindled in the early morning and the inside temp had dipped to 63. My hands were cold, my feet were cold, and the tip of my nose was cold, though judging by the number of bare feet running through the house, I'm a cold wimp.

The van ran for several minutes to warm up while we donned our coats, our hats, our mittens, and even our warm winter boots. We packed a few extras and a couple lap blankets, a snack and some water bottles, and we ventured out into the arctic air.

We're Minnesotans, it's what we do.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tis So Sweet

I mentioned that maybe we should work on a song to sing and play together the next time we visit one of the nursing homes we've been visiting for the last almost 9 years. I can remember how long it's been, because I remember that we started going along when our almost 9 yr old was just a couple weeks old.

I mentioned that the younger children could work on memorizing the words with me, for the next 2 weeks, and that the oldest two could start practicing on their violins. Razzle (almost 9!!) hasn't played her violin much in the past year- I knew it would be hard to keep up with it on our own when we stopped having the youngers take lessons, but that many lessons adds up, it adds way up. For the time being, it is only our oldest son taking violin lessons. He is at a point where he can help the younger ones along for a while until we have more room in the budget, so it all works out.
I mentioned that she could try to learn to play the song on her violin as well, if she wanted, no pressure. She wanted, and that violin has been played more the past 2 days than it had been the past 2 months. She needed a goal, and now she's got one.

'Tis so sweet to hear her playing,
music as she glides her bow,
Just to hear the sound of trying,
Just to know she loves it so.
We have no virtuosos here, but we have children who are being brought up with a love for beautiful music. I love to hear them play. Twinkle, twinkle never sounded so sweet as it did the first time each youngster eeked it out on their strings. (You know how beauty is in the eye of the beholder? It kinda works that way for music too...)

I'd better get busy working on the littles with their memorizing (I don't want to be the only one singing!!)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Multitude Monday 211-220

211. seven children, healthy at the same time
212. time spent training the youngest two to sit still in church
213. knowing that time spent training children will mean more time spent enjoying their company for years to come
214. a reading checklist getting all checked off
215. feeling like we accomplished something and learned something new today
216. believing we can do it again tomorrow
217. a tired 3 yr old taking a much needed nap
218. a hungry 15 month old eating his veggies and squawking for more
219. boys working together, hauling in wood to keep the family warm
220. my husband working hard most every day, for us

It was a hard weekend for me. I was the one month anniversary of our loss. My cycle returned, as it should, except that it shouldn't. I should have been 15 weeks along tomorrow, except that I'm not. Ultimately, I know I'm okay, I know the Lord is in control, and I know He's faithful, no matter what, but right now I'm still sad, still missing being pregnant.

Turning my eyes, my heart, my mind towards the many things I have to be thankful for has been such a blessing through this time. It's always a blessing, to thank Him, but even more so in a time of grief. Thanking Him, gets my eyes off myself, if even for a moment. May I have more of those moments each day!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Junk Out Week 4

(Unloved shoes, now bagged and donated!)
I'm finishing my closet today. Yes, decluttering, cleaning, and organizing my closet did end up being a 4 week process, worked in baby steps, and yes, that's okay. If I get to feeling energetic this afternoon (it could happen...) I may start in the youngest children's closet. There are a few things up there that I know just need to find a new home, a home away from this home- as opposed to a new home within this home.

It's time to stop reorganizing and rearranging the clutter, it's
time to remove the clutter!
Back to my closet, so far I've tossed 2 pairs of my shoes and a pair of baby shoes that were just not in shape to be worn again or passed on. I've bagged 5, make that 6, pairs of my almost never worn shoes and a pair of baby girl shoes that someone will be lucky to snatch up from the thrift store in town. I also pulled yet another skirt that I just never wear. I liked it when I bought it, and I actually still like it, but I never wear it, so out it goes. There is no room for things never used or worn, not in my closet, not in my life.

I've sorted my pajamas and long underwear (this is The Frozen Tundra after all, yes, I do own long underwear and, yes, I have been known to wear them) and may have tossed more old unmentionables than I kept. Seems to me like a good excuse for some new unmentionables.

I also pulled out the pile of old baggy boys' jeans that were being saved to make a scrappy denim quilt. They are about to be cut into squares. Today.

If you've got some junk to Junk Out, and you post about it, the linky stays open all week, so feel free to come on over and link up any time you get a chance. Happy decluttering!


Friday, January 22, 2010

A Few Favorites

Made me smile, made me think, touched my life-

How to Really Fall in Love All Over Again @ holy experience, I always love Ann's writing, this post had me catching my breath and sighing sweet sighs.

I'm gonna miss this @ mckmama, a great Mommy moments reminder.

Forgiveness is Part of My Story @ (In)Courage, by Kristen of We are THAT family, pretty powerful.


Kids Crack Me Up!

Dazzle recently turned 7. One of her gifts was the classic game Operation. The first time the children played it together, it was pretty much an unfair fight. Quipper, our current 10 yr old was getting piece after piece out with steadied hand ease, causing the 8, 7, & 4 yr old girls to become a bit discouraged. When Quipper deftly removed yet another piece, he modestly explained "It all comes from getting slivers out." He went on to assure them "You can learn my technique."

- Yeah, the training is fun, you just need to get a bunch of slivers and splinters...

Driving down to the in-laws' a few weeks past, we went through miles and miles (and miles and miles) of farmland. At some seemingly random point in the drive, Dazzle gasped "Ooo, there's that field! And there's that other field! I'd know those fields anywhere!" followed by a pause, and then a "hey, where's that other field?"
-Hmmm, which other field? Did you mean the one that looked pretty much like all the other fields we've been driving past for the last hour...? I laughed out loud at that one, sorry Dazzle, but seriously, that was funny.
My children make me smile each and every day. In the midst of all of the work of raising these future men and women (and it is work, don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise) are these moments of silliness and joy. The sweet moments, the icing on the cake of Motherhood.
And it's good for your heart!
  • A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance... Proverbs 15:13a
  • ...but he that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast. Proverbs 15:15b
  • A merry heart doeth good like a medicine... Proverbs 17:22a

More Kid Quotes...


Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Potato Head Example

I've done a lot of reading, thinking, and praying over the years about how to train my children. I've said before that I'm no expert, not by far, but that we are blessed with relatively well-behaved children. We have never had any serious parent-dissing type behavior nor any truly foul attitudes. That being said, we, like most, do always have room for improvement.

One of the (many) areas (and perhaps one of the most important) that I've been working on is the whole notion of "Say what you mean and mean what you say" or "Say it once" (depending on which book you read). It's amazing to me both how 'well, duh, of course' obvious this seems and yet how seldom I see this idea adhered to. Even more amazing to me is how inconsistent I can still be even after realizing how important, and right, this concept is, and purposing to practice it- I still see examples in our lives daily, where my children are in essence being trained to believe that Mom doesn't actually mean what she says, and that they can pretty much do as they please a bit longer, you know, until Mom really means it.

An example-

The 8, 7, 4 & 3 yr olds were all playing very nicely together with our collection of Potato Heads. The problem was, they were playing up on the dining room table, within reach of their 14, wait, 15 months old today, brother. He was crawling on the table reaching for potatoes. I'm working on teaching him not to crawl on top of the table, but I am also trying to teach the older children not to always play out of his reach, keeping all of the preschooler toys away from our youngest preschooler. I told the girls to move all of the potatoes to the floor, and instructed them that they were to let their little brother try to play along. I added that if they couldn't let him play with a piece or two then they would let him play with all of the pieces and they would be finding something else to do, something like sweeping and mopping a few floors.

I turned back to my reading (mistake #1) and a sentence or two later I noticed that they had moved to the end of the table and were huddled much closer together, sort of circling the wagons (their arms) to keep their little brother at bay. I gave them another order (mistake #2) and told them to move the potatoes to the floor and let him play with a couple. This time they did obey, partly, and without any real attitudinal huffing, puffing, sighing, or eye-rolling. They moved the toys to the floor and let their little brother go to town, then promptly decided to find something else to play with, something without the little brother. At this point, taking away the potato heads was a moot point, they had willingly handed them over, and ran off in search of something else. I let them (mistake #3).

Three strikes and Mommy's out.

First, I was distracted. I often am. I need to work on that, to really work on that. Second, I told them twice, not making sure they did the right thing after the first instruction. Third, I didn't assign any unpleasant tasks, which they should have earned with their partial compliance. I can be a softy, and while my children aren't unruly or outright disrespectful, they aren't really first-time obedient, at least not consistently, and yes, I do think that first time obedience is an achievable goal, but it's a goal that takes work to achieve. With 7 children, I've got my work cut out for me, every day.

What I should have done- I should have watched them as soon as my first command left my lips, for immediate and right-hearted compliance. When it didn't come, I should have walked right over and taken the potatoes away and assigned each girl a room to sweep & mop (not because disobedience = housework around here, but because that is the consequence I happened to blurt out when I first told them to include their little brother in their play). Then, I should have made sure that the floors got cleaned. If I said it, I should have meant it.

I'm working on it :-)

I'm working on them.

More than that, I'm working on me. Notice the work involved here? I'm learning (again, I find myself relearning anew with each toddler) that child training is 3/4ths parent training, maybe more...


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's a Matter of Perspective

A southern friend mentioned the daffodils popping up. I did a quick reality check, yep, it was still the middle of January. Living in The Frozen Tundra*, we'd have to take a trip to a conservatory, or at least to the floral section at the local grocery store, to see anything green (besides the evergreens, they are after all, evergreen), much less anything actually resembling a living flower.

*Minnesota, or Minne-SNOW-ta, or the Land of 10,000 frozen Lakes, call it what you want, it's still cold a goodly portion of the year.

Winters can be so long. So dreary. So cold. So barren. I begin to struggle with my moods as my perspective is dimmed by perpetual gloom. I battle a mixed-up sleep cycle and actually require caffeine coursing through my system in the mornings. My vitamin D levels test severely low. I fight to find my motivation to get up and do what needs doing each day. Another round of creeping crud works through my children, keeping me home a Sunday here and a Sunday there, and even my personal time in the Word is an uphill battle.

And then, there are days like this, days when I look out and my jaw falls slack. I am in awe of the beauty all around me. It seems as though He painted this canvas just for me. He took the dry, barren, frozen land around me and covered it in His grace.

I'm a certifiable cold wimp. I may have been born and raised in this Frozen Tundra, but I do not enjoy an icy wind beating against my face, and yet, on days like this I am drawn outside. I walk around and breathe deep cold breaths and I don't seem to mind. My heart is warmed by the beauty around me and I know that I can make it through another winter, and that I may even look back and miss parts of this season.

Yes, I think we'll bundle up the ones feeling well enough today, and stop by the county park, with all of its trails, on the way home from this morning's violin lessons. As much as I love to take in the wonder of it all, I think I love watching my children take it in even more. The books can wait today, today we will enjoy some more of our winter.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Multitude Monday 201-210

201. puppies and all of the smiles and giggles they bring
202. boys to train the puppies
203. biscuits and sausage gravy for weekend breakfasts
204. the art of making gravy from scratch
205. baking shortbread
206. slowly, but surely, cleaning out the closets
207. buckets, bleach, and plenty of washcloths to clean and disinfect
208. a stomach bug that "isn't too bad"
209. overall health, despite the creeping crud
210. knowing this too shall pass, again
Having weeks like these, the weeks "when it rains, it pours", still processing the grief of loss, feeling helpless to do anything but stand by and clean up as children get sick, a Frozen Tundra winter dragging on and on, struggling with my sleep cycle turning upside down for yet another time, missing opportunities to get out and have some fun because of sickness... I could go on.
If I wanted to, and sometimes I do, I could find an awful lot to complain about. I'm thankful for the reminder from Ann, and through her, the reminder from Him, to instead look around me and count my blessings, because as overwhelming as life can seem sometimes due to all the things I could complain about, there is still so much to be thankful for.
Thank You, Lord. You are so good, so good to me.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Junk Out 2010 Week 3

Sickness is still in the house. I thought it may have been gone- I was wrong. I still plan to get back to the bottom left quarter of my closet today, the part with the old shoe pile, but it may be some hours from now and I wanted to get a post up yet this morning in case anyone is ready to link up. I'll try to get back and edit this post with news of this week's decluttering sometime this afternoon. Until then, here ya go-

MckLinky Blog Hop


Friday, January 15, 2010

Meet Duke & Duchess

Oh, my, our lives may have just changed forever.

Some friends had puppies, well, ok, their dog had puppies- husky & yellow lab mix.

The children are smitten, the grown-ups are smitten, except for the slightly tired and crabby issues we're having today after last night's whine-fest. What was up with that? Did they program these dogs to sleep wonderfully on night one, and then never again?

On my agenda-
  • some homemade pizza
  • mixing up a batch of cocoa mix
  • deciding what cookies to bake this afternoon
  • making sure some Math and English gets done around here today
  • hanging some pictures
  • finally taking apart and removing the crib that has taken it upon itself to wear out and literally fall apart, seriously, pieces crashing and spindles rolling across the floor, no, no children were inside when the bottom fell out, but there were a couple underneath goofing off who may have actually caused the bottom to fall out, ehem, since several spindles had fallen out several times, well, that was enough, the old crib has got to go...
  • menu planning and grocery getting
  • diaper buying, Target, here I come!
  • sticking to the list (diapers!) = sticking to the budget
  • bathe kids
  • pop pocorn
  • movie and/or game night
  • plan my weekend
  • sleep, glorious sleep!

What's on your agenda?

Up and coming- Why We Homeschool, Part 1 and a couple favorite recipes, check back next week!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random Thoughts and Throwing Up

Captivating title, eh?

(sorry, not for the faint at heart, nor the weak at stomach, continue reading at your own risk)

Having sickness, specifically gastro-intestinal sickness, in the house is so not fun. The sick one (or two, or three, or...) is miserable. The healthy ones are worried "Will I be next?". And I'm stuck cleaning up after most of it. Mr. Extraordinary has been known to help in extreme cases, especially in the night, which is hugely awesome as I'm not at my best in the night. I need sleep like a fish needs water. Well, ok, I suppose fish need water every waking and non-waking (do fish sleep?) moment, but it's almost that bad.

Recent random thoughts-
  • what do I do first? clean the child? my lap?! the floor?
  • ew! it has soaked through my skirt and is running down my leg!
  • impressive splash factor
  • awww, his 1st puke, at 14 months, not bad!
  • I suppose I should wipe down the computer
  • the smell of Lysol reminds me of puke
  • I'd rather smell bleach, it somehow smells cleaner, it just does
  • bleach smell reminds me of swimming
  • well, the legs of the chairs needed a good wiping down
  • this thing didn't work well anyway, right?
  • so I can just toss it rather than disinfect it, right?
  • why does my house only get this clean when someone pukes?
  • I'm kind of hungry, but what if I get sick?
  • at least I don't have to call in sick, I'm already at work
  • is it unfair that I don't get the day off when a child is sick?
  • what can I eat that I wouldn't mind seeing again later?
  • what can I feed them that I wouldn't mind cleaning up later?
  • I wonder who'll be next
  • I suppose I should be wearing gloves as I use all of this bleach
  • eh, gloves are overrated, and I don't know where they are
  • sheesh, it doesn't take long to fry my crazy sensitive skin this way
  • will garlic help?
  • it's been hours, do you think it was a fluke?
  • well, not the gross kind of fluke, yuck...
  • I wonder how many extra loads of laundry will be washed this week?
  • 3 yr old is refusing supper, she may be being finicky... or...
  • remember making Liberty eat when she was 3, and then she puked?
  • if she doesn't want supper, she doesn't need supper
  • hmm, he seems better, but clingy and lethargic
  • Dr. Mommy better keep an eye on this one
  • so far, the rest of the kids seem fine
  • I hope I didn't just jinx it
  • I don't even believe in jinxes, but I still hope I didn't
  • oh, my goodness, TWO new puppies?!
  • oh, fer cute! (Frozen Tundra colloquialism=how cute!)
  • I should sleep tonight, you never know what tomorrow may bring...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It Was Bound to Happen...

It happens every year, sometimes more than once a year. We were doing pretty good, it had been an entire year, but you can only defy the odds so long...

There was vomit, I'm quite certain there will be more (with 9 people, I don't think there has ever been just one to vomit, ever). Bleach is my new best friend. I'm a natural product cleaner fan on the ordinary days, but extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. I'd call puke in the house extraordinary.

I'll take a house that smells like a pool over a house that smells like puke any day.

This too shall pass, oh please, may it pass quickly!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Multitude Monday 186-200

Old pic, because it makes me smile...
186. late night talks with my husband

187. discussions that go beyond computers, kids, and how do you want your coffee today?

188. the yawn that comes on a tired day after a good late night talk, and knowing I'm tired for such a good reason

189. a lighter closet and 3 more bags to the thrift store

190. knowing it's okay to give excess away, if we need more someday He will provide
another one...

191. sweet ladies at church praying for me, for us, as we hurt and heal after loss

192. the sun breaking through on a Minnesota January day

193. 3 & 4 yr olds learning letter sounds, beginning the journey to reading, a journey so full of expectation and promise, a journey to unlock the doors to so many other journeys in life

194. the days when a child pulls out the math book before being asked to

195. baby boys 'playing piano' with feet swaying and toes wiggling in glee

and another one...

196. another late potty trainer having a dry day!

197. a basket of socks to match and fold, the very fact that there seems to be an overabundance of things like socks in this house is not merely because there are 9 people in this house, it is because He has so richly blessed!

198. curls to untangle and the sweet little heads they adorn

199. cereal bits to vacuum (and the working vacuum to do it with) another sign of His provision- that we even have cereal to make the mess that needs to be cleaned up... He has been good!

200. baby boys in button-up collared shirts looking like little men, so sweet (he's 14 months, I know, but he's my baby!)


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